Bulk Resize Photos Online

Resizing photos for web can be very time consuming if you are manually resizing them, especially if you are resizing a large number of images.

In general, please follow these guidelines:

  • Max Width: 1500px
  • Image format: Jpeg (.jpg)
  • Quality: 70% (due to compression technology, this won't have any noticeable difference in quality to the human eye) 
  • Size: No bigger than 300kb (0.3MB)

We recommend using Adobe Lightroom to resize images, although this may not be available to everyone due to cost.

A free alternative is Bulk Resize Photos. This online tool allows you to upload images, resize them based on file size or image dimensions.

Step 1: Uploading images to Bulk Resize

Go to the Bulk Resize website - https://bulkresizephotos.com/en and click "Choose Images" to find the files in your computer, or drag the images into the upload box.

Step 2: Resizing the Files

Select the File Size option on the left and drag the slider up to 250.00 kB then click Resize

Your resized images will download to your default downloads folder in your browser in a .zip folder

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