WP Premium Support Catalogue

We highly recommend our clients subscribe to one of our Premium Support plans. These give you access to our support team during business hours who can answer any of your enquiries/questions about your website.

Our support team will get in touch with you after you send your request with an estimated timeline for the completion of your request.



Website Issues

Each of the following services falls under our website warranty and will not incur the cost of a token

  • Unable to login to WordPress Admin Dashboard
  • Misconfigured database connection strings
  • Troubleshooting and fixing

    • Theme Errors
    • Plugin Errors
    • Form Errors
    • Image Display Errors
    • Media Uploading Errors
    • Broken Links
    • WordPress Core File Errors
    • WordPress "White Screen of Death"
    • Internal Server Errors

Appearance Changes

The following changes can be performed at the cost of 1 support token per revision

  • Customising core theme files including

    • Page header
    • Sidebar
    • CSS
    • Background
    • Menus
    • Typography changes

  • Modifying content on the website

    • Changing images
    • Updating text (including phone numbers, address etc.)
    • Adding plugin shortcodes (including code for social media feeds)

  • Modifying website favicon


Website Optimisation

We provide the following optimisation services for the cost of 1 support token

  • Image optimisation for images uploaded by the client
  • Removing/disabling comments on blog posts



We perform the following services at the cost of 1 support token.

  • Setting up WordPress redirects

    • http to https
    • custom redirects

  • Wordpress configuration files

    • Enabling specific PHP modules 
    • Modifying PHP values (upload limit, memory limit)

  • Updating permalinks / page structure 
  • Modifying Google Analytics account
  • Importing/Exporting WordPress database or other directories
  • Performing find & replace on the website database
  • Modifying the domain for the website (includes running find & replace)



There are many other services that we provide that are not included in website support. This is due to the time required time to complete these services.

Many of these exclusions are services that we do provide but are not covered under support. Please get in touch with our team if you want to discuss any of these services

We do not provide the following under support:

  • Custom PHP functions / alterations
  • cPanel Email hosting
  • Graphic design work
  • Keyword research
  • Copywriting
  • Setting up email accounts
  • IT Hardware support not related to the website
  • SEO work
  • Fix WooCommerce issues
  • Increase website traffic
  • Create additional web pages 
  • Develop custom templates
  • Marketing suggestions
  • Server configuration (DNS, SSL)
  • Payment Gateway configuration
  • Removal of malware/phishing content
  • Newsletter development
  • Transferring sites into WordPress



Our support service operates within our business hours of 9am - 5pm weekdays excluding public holidays.

If you require support outside of these times please make an enquiry with our team.

We do not provide support for websites that include any of the following:

  • Sites that contain pornographic/explicit material (excluding content used for medical/educational purposes)
  • Sites soliciting sexual activities
  • Sale of illegal goods/services
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