.au domains for Foreign Companies

If you are a foreign company wanting to do business in Australia, you cannot register an Australian domain name without an ABN (Australian Business Number), ACN (Australian Company Number), ARBN, trademark number or trademark application number.

Australian domain names end with .au extension. The .com.au extension is the mostly commonly used Australian domain name.

How do I register an Australian domain name with a trademark?

If you are the legal owner of an Australian trademark or you have an application pending for an Australian trademark, the trademark number OR trademark application number will allow you to meet the requirements to register an Australian domain name as a foreign company.

Once you have this number, you can visit http://www.webics.com.au/domain-names/ and register your domain name and then once you have completed the online order, please submit a Support Ticket with the details of your trademark number or application number and we will follow up the registration for you.

How do I register an Australian domain name with an ABRN?

If you do not own or have a pending trademark application, in order to register an Australian domain name, you need to obtain a ABRN number from the Australian Securities and Investment Commission or ASIC. To do this you will need to appoint a local agent (a person that lives permanently in Australia), to lodge and receive company documents

Under s.601CJ - Liability of Local Agent: A local agent of a registered foreign company:
(a) is answerable for the doing of all acts, matters and things that the foreign company is required by or under the Act to do; and

(b) is personally liable to a penalty imposed on the foreign company for a contravention of the Act if a court or tribunal hearing the matter is satisfied that the local agent should be so liable.

After appointing a local agent

You should begin by doing an online name search of Australian business names.

Go to http://www.search.asic.gov.au/gns001.html and use the "all names" search to search for the company name you wish to use in Australia.

You can also visit http://www.abr.business.gov.au/ and perform a search on Australian business numbers. Not all businesses in Australia are registered as companies or incorporated organisations but most businesses would be have an ABN or Australian business number.

After you have searched your company name

You may find that the company name that you wish to use in Australia has already been registered or is already in use, you will need to seek legal advice, as to whether or not, the Australian company using your name has breached your international trademarks.

If however, you company name is available, you should lodge an Application to Reserve Your Name. This step is optional but recommended. If ASIC accepts your application, your name will be reserved for 2 months and you are able to extend this time by lodging another form and paying the prescribed fee.

You then need to complete the Application to Register as a Foreign company. and produce documentation before you will be granted an ABRN. For more information on requirements to register a foreigh company go to http://www.asic.gov.au/asic/asic_pub.nsf/byheadline/Foreign+Companies?opendocument 

After your ABRN has been approved

You can then visit http://www.webics.com.au/domain-names/ to register your Australian domain name.


If you require any assistance, please open a  support ticket.

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